Monday, June 23, 2014


Two walk about in Panti forest. A fun and exciting place. You never know what to expect.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Last week. One of the morning I woke up and saw this!

My first reaction is wow! Just had to take out my camera and shoot.....

This is a 5 shot HDR. With some post processing ....


Some shots of the lovely birds found in Panti Forest.

Rufous Backed King Fisher

Rufous Backed King Fisher

Red Bearded Bee Eater

Buff Rumped Woodpecker

RARE BIRDs Found in SIngapore (March Backdated)

For the past few days, there had been a big rush to the Chinese Garden. A Band Bellied Crake was found there. This is supposed to be a rare bird. Understand that this is the first sighting in singapore!

Created a big wave in the birding community. Throes of photographers rushed there. Lucky this bird wasn't the shy type. Gave everyone an opportunity to shoot.

Pulau Ubin (APR)

Haven't been posting here for the past 3 months. Was so engrossed in shooting birds. Lots and lots of them.

Was also a little busy on the work front so that's life.

Anyway, though I haven't posted here doesn't mean I haven't been shooting.

Here's some of the more interesting shots I have done these couple of months.

Baby tailorbird.

Here's a shot of the fledging tailorbird. This is shot in April. The little one seems like fell out of the nest. Probably trying out it's wings but it still isn't really able to fly.

Another shot of the little one calling out to it's parents for food.

White Rumped Shama

A shot of the White Rumped Shama. It's a lovely bird. Saw it at Chek Jawa entrance. Always jumping around the area.

Magpie Robin

Scarlet Backed Flowerpecker

All these and more are found in Ubin. Really a lovely place to go for a short walk.

Purple Throated Sunbird

The purple Throated Sunbird. One of the less seen birds. It's still quite common around just that it's skittish and might not be in the breeding colors all the time.

If I have more time, would walk around Ubin more ... Tiring but fun.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Japanese Garden

It hasn't rained for months. At least nothing more than a short passing shower. Today it rained. And it rained hard.

We have planned to go to Venus drive to look for the Black backed KF. But the rain kept us away.

Having brought out all the equipment, we were not prepared to  return without at least going for a shoot. So we decided to go to the Japanese garden for a short walk.

After the rain, there were plenty of action going on. Nothing spectacular but still real fun.

Here's some of the birds @ Japanese Garden.

Brown Shrike

Chinese Pond Heron in Breeding Plummage

Oriental White Eye

Asian Brown Flycatcher


Monday, February 17, 2014

Kranji Marshes Walkabout

For the past few weeks there were hardly any rain. So last sunday decided to go for a walk at the Kranji Marshes.

When I reached the pond (Or what was left of the pond), I could hardly recognize it. Almost looked like a field. Almost totally dried. Left a few patches of water.

There were quite a number of photographers and birders around. Wonder what they are looking for.

Anyway, decided to have a look around the canal instead since the marsh area was crowded.

Guess what! After waiting for a while, I spotted the Black Capped King Fisher. It was quite a distance away so I slowly approached the little guy.

Another surprise! As I was nearing the BCKF, another smaller King Fisher flew right in front of me! The Blue Eared King Fisher. What a day.

Along the way we saw the Common King Fisher, and the Collared King Fisher too.

Blue Eared King Fisher

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fun day at the edge of the forest

Had a great walk at the edge of the forest at bukit timah area.

Here are some of the birds we got today.

Straw Headed Bulbul

Strawheaded Bulbul

Sleeping Lineated Barbet

White Throated King Fisher

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bukit Fraser (2014)

My second trip to Bukit Fraser.

This time round, the weather was superb. Dry and so cooling. Saw so many birds. Made new friends.

Had so much fun there.

Here are some of the birds that we photographed.

Red Headed Trogon (Male)

Red Headed Trogon (Male)

Red Headed Trogon (FeMale)

Orange Breasted Trogon

Orange Breasted Trogon


Red and Oriange Oriole

Silver Eared Mesia

Fire Breasted FlowerPecker

Sultan Tit

Checknut Capped Laughingthrush 

Long Tail Sibia 
Blue Winged Leafbird


Streaked Spiderhunter

Mugimaki Flycatcher 

Fire Turfted Barbet

Mountain Bulbul

Mountain Fulvetta