Monday, February 17, 2014

Kranji Marshes Walkabout

For the past few weeks there were hardly any rain. So last sunday decided to go for a walk at the Kranji Marshes.

When I reached the pond (Or what was left of the pond), I could hardly recognize it. Almost looked like a field. Almost totally dried. Left a few patches of water.

There were quite a number of photographers and birders around. Wonder what they are looking for.

Anyway, decided to have a look around the canal instead since the marsh area was crowded.

Guess what! After waiting for a while, I spotted the Black Capped King Fisher. It was quite a distance away so I slowly approached the little guy.

Another surprise! As I was nearing the BCKF, another smaller King Fisher flew right in front of me! The Blue Eared King Fisher. What a day.

Along the way we saw the Common King Fisher, and the Collared King Fisher too.

Blue Eared King Fisher

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