Monday, September 12, 2016

Haven't been posting to the blogs for ages since I have post the photos at facebook. But after some time, it just doesn't feels right. 

So I'm back to posting some writeups. 

Have been seeing many people shooting the Rosy starling. Found it interesting so went down to Garden by the Bay where the bird was sighted to have a look.

When I reached the place, it started to rain quite heavily. But the rain lasted about as long as the time it took us to put our cameras into the protective covers. . .

Continued with the search and voila ... Found it ... (Found the spot where the bird was located. Coz there were many people already there!)

Waited and searched for a short while and someone found the fellow. Wet wet....

Wet Rosy

It didn't stay too long. We took a couple of shots and it flew off.

Waited for quite some time before it came back. This time quite dry. And looked much better.

Rosy Starling

Rosy Singing

Rosy Posing for us
We had to wait for it to move to different locations before getting better shots. Took us quite some time to get the shots we wanted. Was really fun.

Of course after getting the shots we wanted, we went around the place looking for some other birds. We only found the common ones. Nothing really different but nevertheless fun shoot.

Below are some of the birds we managed to capture on our cameras.

Red Breasted Parakeet

Oriental White Eye after the rain. The looked Dry. Wonder where they were hiding during the rain.

Common Tailorbird

Black Naped Oriole feeding

All in all, had a great time shooting at the Garden By the Bay.

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